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'Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride'

(John F. Kennedy)

Bike rental services in the centre of Rotterdam. Book your bike online or drop by our location and pick up the rental bike in our store. Fill in the correct details on our website to book your ride online.
Rent your bike for a bike trip through Rotterdam!

Explore the city of Rotterdam on our sturdy and comfy bikes


THE HEALTHIEST WAY TO EXPLORE THE CITY - We rent out two types of bikes: the most popular city bike - the city bike and e-bikes. The classic city bike, better known as the Omafiets in Dutch, is known for its simplicity and comfort.

Simplicity means no handbrakes or multiple gears, but a coaster brake and lighting. The basics, exactly what you need.

All rental bicycles are equipped with a double lock to safely park your bicycle.

"OMAFIETS" -  The term "granny bike" was not used in the Netherlands until the 1970s and it refers to the classical design of this kind of bike.

The step-through frame of the bicycle makes it easy for everyone to get on their ride. 

The granny bike is very popular among the Dutch people because of its tough and nostalgic appearance. The bikes are also painted in eye-catching colours.



The growing popularity of electric vehicles has also had an impact on the cycling industry. Our e-bikes use a classic Omafiets base equipped with a 250W motor, a battery that provides ~55km range on the highest setting, 3-speed gears and extra hand brakes for more safety. 


Our tandems  - two-person bicycles - are perfect means of transport for pleasant outings. Bachelor parties, city games or fun outings with your children? Rent a tandem from our shop and enjoy!

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