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'It is the unknown around the corner that turns my wheels.'

(Heinz Stucke)

From point A to B in or just outside of Rotterdam, the bicycle is one of the best ways to get to know the city. Due to the flat landscape and outstanding cycling infrastructure, even people who are not used to cycling, move around easily.  A bike tour is also a good and healthy way to explore the city and surroundings without getting lost.



  • Do not cycle on footpaths, shopping streets, pavements or highways.

  • Use the bicycle lane or track on the right-hand side of the road, marked out by white lines and bike symbols.

  • Stop your bicycle when the traffic light turns orange. It will turn eventually (within 2 seconds) into red light.

  • Always lock your bike securely and do not park on the road or in the path of pedestrians.

  • Don’t park your bike in front of the Central Station of Rotterdam or other big public spots.

  • Your bike will be removed if you don’t park it in the designated parking spots that are everywhere in town.

  • Use the two locks: one through the back wheel and the chain locks.

  • By nightfall you have to turn on the FRONT end REAR bicycle light before riding the bike on the streets.

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