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“I really enjoy not getting in a car and running errands on bikes”

(Brainy Quotes)

We want to make sure you have a good time in Rotterdam.  The rules below will make your time in Rotterdam easier and more fun! Safety comes first!



  • Do not cycle on footpaths, shopping streets, pavements or highways.

  • Use the bicycle lane or track on the right-hand side of the road, marked out by white lines and bike symbols.

  • Stop your bicycle when the traffic light turns orange. It will turn eventually (within 2 seconds) in a red light. 

  • Always lock your bike securely and do not park on the road or in the path of pedestrians.

  • Don't park your bike in front of the Central Station of Rotterdam or other big public spots.

  • Your bike will be removed if you don't park it in the designated parking spots that are everywhere in town.

  • Use the two locks: one through the back wheel and the chainlocks.

  • By nightfall  you have to turn on the FRONT end REAR bicycle light before riding the bike on the streets.

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